Good in black

 Good black never runs, nor does it fade,

A refined color that should be sashayed.

Like a chameleon, it can be dressed up or down

For classy nights on the town, or just hanging around.

 Dependable, adaptable, unyielding, black,

Browns, blues, reds, greens, even lilacs,

Seem to lack the smooth, graceful, feel

and the allure of black’s enigmatic appeal.

 Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried other hues,

partiality to black is  not  an excuse.

No obscure reasoning,  no major issues.

I just feel good in black, it is the color I choose.


 Author’s Comments:

“Hmmmmmm. Finger snaps…Lol … I love the feel and look of Black on my skin!! 

Copyrighted © Ebonii



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gears-402182_640I watched you drive today.

You turned me on.

Because you handle the car

With care and caution

Navigating corners and curves

With expert precision.

 You’re so smooth.

 Watching your fingers glide

Slowly, smoothly over the wheel,

It’s hard to conceal

The way that I feel

Because I’ve been

Under those fingers

Taking more than I can stand

From those incredible hands.

 Baby you’re smooth.

 You know when to go slowly,

When to quicken the pace

You’re an expert,

No matter how compact the space.

Confidently handling the car or me,

Smooth steering that’s so adeptly Sexy.

Baby , youre smooth!

 Ebonii copyrighted ©

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Got Any Spare Change?


hobo-315961_1280To the less fortunate

I looked at the eyes staring back at me,
Such a strange little man, an oddity.
His strong putrid smell assaulted my nose
His outstretched hands were filthy and gross,
He was white

“Got a quarter miss?” I heard a voice say,

I stared straight ahead not looking his way,
From my peripheral vision I was taken aback,
It was an unkempt dirty young man, thin as a rack
He was black.

“Can you help me get something to eat?”
I looked at dull eyes and red swollen feet,
Matted hair, caked makeup and lots of bags
Glimpses of former beauty now turned hag,
It was a woman.

This I saw on my walk in a modernized town,
Forgotten people, misfits, lost, and trodden down.
Someone’s Dad or brother or maybe one’s child,
Someone’s mother or sister who’d lost her smile.

So I gave to black and I gave to white,
I know the impoverished have no might.
More fortunate than some, I work every day,
But, in the blink of an eye all can be taken away.poverty-96293_640

Copyrighted © Ebonii

Author’s note: Life is so unpredictable.. Thank God for small blessings.


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 ocean-168133_1280THE MEETING OF  AN EVIL MIND
My mind met yours briefly yesterday,
And shockingly, I saw to my dismay,
A basically good person, you! Yes You!!
Trapped, stifled, and trying to get through.
You were noticeably distracted,
Mislead, influenced, awfully impacted,
Desperately seeking good direction.
Lost, needing true  affection.
So I contemplated and I wondered,
And I searched deep, deep within,
I even asked myself this question,
Am I worthy Lord you know sometimes I sin.
But as our minds connected, I was acutely aware
Of an evil presence lurking, something extraordinaire.
A vile spirit attached itself and was feeding off your soul,
Sapping all your goodness, swiftly devouring your control
I knew with God we could fix it, because evil never wins
I knew that God would help us despite our many sins
So I embraced you lovingly, united we stood strong
The good devoured the evil it could not last too long.
I’m happy my mind met yours yesterday
There’s not much more that I can say,
Except, I’m so relieved we understand
God will overpower the devil’s well laid plans…
Copyrighted © Ebonii
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Let’s Hug it away....

 I’m sorry darling,

The silence echoes

It is loud and it is deafening,

The tension is dense

 and escalating.

 Your words no longer my feelings excite,

Instead your words are hurtful and bite

They wreak havoc and my anger incite.

 Negativity is rearing its ugly head.


Let’s hug it away and make up in bed…


Copyrighted © Ebonii

Author’s Note : Making up is so much fun! Never go to bed angry…. 

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Hey You!!!

Hey you handsome man!!

Yes, you!!

With the permanent tan..

Sexy, articulate,

Manly, straight, immaculate..

Tall, muscled, and neat,

With perfect white teeth…

You’re beyond my comprehension…

I’m trying to get your attention!!

Psssst!!! Hey!!!

Look over here……..

Um…er. ..didn’t mean to stare…..

But,you’re kinda driving me wild

It’s all in your smile.

 Ebonii ©copyrighted 


Author’s Comments:

“I had fun writing this for all the serial flirters  !!!LOL”


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Soul’s smile.
When I’m in a real foul mood,
And I want to just sit and brood,
You make my soul smile.
You’re my anchor on a stormy day,
The order in my disarray.
It’s mystifying, not a physical thing,
It ripples and tickles so deep within,
Ebbing and flowing unpredictably spilling
Filling my emotions, affecting my core,
Like a corridor to euphoria,
Opening the door
To this uplifting,
Influential, torrential downpour.
That’s what you do to me, I mean it sincerely.
You make my soul smile.
 Copyrighted © Ebonii
 You make my soul smile ..
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Wet, tousled and fresh
You leave the bathroom,
Like a peeping Tom I watch you groom.
My eyes travel that manly frame
Glued to the spot, I feel no shame…

Perfect toes, perfect skin,bodybuilder-331671_1280
Perfect nose, perfect chin,
Long, strong muscular legs
Like a stallion’s, no pegs.
Insatiable center,
what an earth shaker!
Addictive, mysterious,
A thrilling baby maker!!!

You’re a perpetual Love fountain….
Refilling, then spouting again and again!!!

Copyrighted Ebonii ©

Author’s notes : Men!!




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Impatient and tired after a hectic day at work, I got off the train and headed home. The pushing shoving crowd at the train station had built my frustration to an intolerable level, forcing my mind and body to yearn for some sort of tranquility. I opened the door to my home and with a sigh of relief, kicked off my high-heeled boots and headed to the kitchen. I grabbed an apple from the fridge, devoured it hungrily and looked around for something else to munch on. Still agitated from my trip, I decided to administer my own psychotherapy.  

I poured a glass of white wine and stretched out on the sofa. After a sip or two, I felt calmer  and decided to listen to some I wanted to hear something old and soothing. I selected David Sanborn’s CD, “Hideaway.” I headed back to the couch, closed my eyes and entered my utopia. The music was soothing; the intricate sounds had a calming effect on me. My mind wandered, I thought of growing up in the islands ,Frigate-bay-north-beach-v-001 I thought of my childhood, cool  breezy evenings, colorful sunsets, the beach, waves gently caressing the sand, and lovers basking in the pure delight of each other’s company. (I’m a romanticist)

   The beat of the music quickened and I thought of children playing, jumping rope, laughing, screaming with delight, if only they could remain innocent and carefree I thought. The music mellowed and with eyes closed I reached another plateau of tranquility. My mind and body were totally relaxed, moving me to become acutely aware of the individual sounds of the instruments combining to create the beautiful melody. As the drumbeat quickened and got louder, I found myself thinking, if only I could surround myself with such dynamic, pulsating, positive forces, my life would be just that rhythmical. 

    I was really enjoying the mental trip when the phone rang. I picked up on the third ring and pleasantly said, “hello.”

My best friend was on the phone, I continued,

“What’s up girl?”

  After a pause, she chuckled and asked,

 “Have you been drinking?”

  Laughing, I responded,

“I’m relaxed girl, what’s up with you?”

   We made some small talk after which she hung up sensing I wanted to relax.  I was just settling back into the spot my body had made on the couch, when the phone rang again… I looked at the caller ID.   I knew who it was. Tailoring my voice for the caller, I said smoothly, rhythmically,


After a surprised pause, he said firmly,

“I’m coming over!” 

 Chapter Two 

   I was not really in the mood for company and debated calling him back to say just that. Apparently he must have interpreted my relaxed tone as an invitation… His rushed puzzling response told me he was thinking he’d better get over there before I changed my mind. (lol) Reluctantly, I prepared to see him.  I had not seen him in two weeks so I knew he was beginning to become angry and frustrated with me. Men don’t seem to understand that sometimes women just don’t want to be bothered.  Heck, sometimes we are just comfortable with cuddling, chummy silence, watching a movie together, or just touching toes from opposite sides of the couch. (Smile) I had also come to realize that some men are needy and require that constant life force from their women.

     Anyway, I trudged up the stairs, peeled off my clothes and decided to take a shower. I knew it would take him about a half hour to fortyfive mins  to get to my house so I figured I had enough time to make my shower a leisurely one.  I have always loved hot steamy showers followed with cool rinses and this night was no exception…

  Because I was somewhat relaxed, my shower became a ritual as I paid homage to my body.   Slowly, I washed away the day’s toil staring at the soiled water as it went down the drain. As the drain guzzled and swirled the soiled water cascading from my body, I felt some sense of cleansing relief. Slowly, I added soap to the wash cloth covering every inch of my body. The wash cloth seemed to have a mind of its own as it traveled familiar routes. The mango peach body wash smelled almost edible. I stood there and let the water travel my body and have its way with me, every chocolate skinned inch of me…

     After my reverie, (lol) I toweled my body semi-dry, putting oil and lotion on my skin while it was still damp. Draping my robe around me, I walked into the bedroom forgetting to remove my shower cap. I was heading back to the bathroom to clean the fogged mirror and put away the shower cap, when the doorbell started ringing relentlessly.

Dam! I thought, did he jet over here?  I was slightly annoyed and thought of how disruptive he had been the whole evening…Nonetheless, I trudged downstairs pouting slightly. I opened the door and asked sullenly,

“What? ‘‘

    He did not respond, instead, he walked past me into my living room, hands in his pocket. No hello. He could sense I was annoyed. I turned around to face him, robe slightly opened, my shower cap still on, skin glistening.   In the seconds that elapsed, I looked at him, really looked at him…Although he was looking back at me, legs astride, typical manly stance, hands in the pockets, he looked like a lost boy.

 couple-254684_1280He continued to stare at me, his eyes traveling up and down my body then back to my eyes. (A silent appeal)   He swallowed and continued staring.  I felt like a sparring partner trapped in a very strange emotional duel… I knew I had to play it carefully and say the right thing. I sensed that his need for me was slightly overshadowed by his male pride, so I said softly, almost inaudibly,

“Hi baby how are you?”  

   His reaction was to grab me, pulling me into him, bending me backwards. He held me so tightly I thought I’d suffocate. 

   His strong muscular arms felt like steel bars as I felt myself disappearing into him.    He enveloped me and  along the way I sensed he was frustrated, he had experienced a hard day, he needed me, he missed me, and most importantly,  he did not want to talk. I was his life force.

Suddenly I had an epiphany. I realized I needed that enveloping, manly “everything’s going be okay hug.” I needed to share myself with him give him some sustenance…

Later that evening, I untangled myself from his grasp and watched him sleep. He seemed so relaxed.  Like a cat, I yawned, stretched, purred and hurried downstairs to get something else to eat.

 Copyrighted©   Ebonii   

























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                                                             The X Factor!!                                                          

We’ve been through for six long years,
Yet you continue to call and call.
You don’t seem to comprehend at all
And I don’t understand,
Because you’ve seen me with my man.

It’s not that complex,

You’re my EX!! !


No baby, I’m not hating, I’ve moved on.
I guess you didn’t know I’d be this strong.
You had many a chance,
It was a seesaw romance,
You are out of my system!
Dam! Why don’t you listen?

You are MY EX!! !!

Ebonii © copyrighted


    X’D OUT!!

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How Great thou art!




Today in bed I was very still 
sensing the enormity of the world
And minuscule me in it.
The wind blowing,
Distant trains passing,
persistent car horns blowing,
birds chirping,
my clock ticking,
my heart solidly beating,
my chest heaving,
my pulse vibrating,
and I became awed……
Awed by God’s mastery of life.
Ebonii © copyrighted 
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In a crowded room

full of strangers,

I feel your energy,

just you, just me.

Compelled to look your way,

I feel you tantalizingly,


seducing me.

I reach into your soul,

Breathlessly exploring,

extracting your nectar,.

insatiably wanting more and more……

reveling in the absolute sweetness of you.

Copyrighted © Ebonii 2006

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You’re a buffet of manliness

from what I see,

you are emotionally delicious,

A delicacy…

The way you frown when concentrating,

the curious look in your eyes

when you’re observing,

the way your muscles contract

when you’re working,

your boyish smile when playing with me,

Or just relaxing,

your look of abandon and pleasure

when we’re connecting,

Your quick protective reflex,

when I trip, or I’m falling,

you have so many ingredients my darling;

you’re delectably, alluringly charming.

 Copyrighted © Ebonii 

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